Can you present your company's mission?

Godox has been committed to providing consumers with professional and high quality lighting solutions in photography, enabling more people to enjoy the fun of light shaping. By the vision of becoming a leading manufacturer with a world- renowned brand, we hope to continuously contribute to the development of lighting industry. At Godox, we have never stopped expanding our lineup to meet the different needs, and now we are branching out to include audio. Godox has become a solid name in the photography market and we expect the same for our audio. Dream it until we make it.

The next MicroSalon will be your first presence at the event. What expectations do you have?

It was a pleasure to be able to participate in MicroSalon. We are very much looking forward to it. We hope that through this exhibition, we can attract more potential customers and better promote GODOX Photo Equipment Co.,Ltd.. All along, our vision of becoming a world-renowned brand drives us to continue to explore, strive to bring innovative and practical products to users, and become a trusted global brand in the imaging equipment industry.

How are you organizing your participation?

We will first investigate the occupations and preferences of the attendees of the exhibition. Secondly, we will find out who are the brands participating in this exhibition. Depending on the attendees, we will select the exhibits that are more suitable for the exhibition. We sincerely hope that through MicroSalon, people around the world can better understand GODOX Photo Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Can you tell us what new products you will present?

We will be exhibiting a lot of new products at this exhibition, such as the latest COB lights, Pannel Lights and so on. In addition, we will also launch our latest APP, and everyone is welcome to visit our booth to experience it. Please look forward to it

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